Sending files with the File Share module Afdrukken

Sending files via the File share module is quick and easy. Below we explain how to do it.


Uploading files

To start, you need to write a new email, or write a reply to an existing email. You will see the button for the File share add-in at the top of the ribbon. When you click on it you will see the screen below.

The first time you use the File Share module you will have to log in. Press the 'Login' button and log in with your Zaurus account.

Once logged in, the button will disappear and you will see the following:

To get started, set how long the files should remain available. This must be a minimum of 1 day.

Then drag the files to the light gray area where you see 'Drag your files here'.

You do this by going to your files with the explorer, selecting them with a click of the left mouse button and holding it down. When you have done that you can drag the file.

You can add a maximum of 10 files with a size of 1 gigabyte per file.

When you have added your first file you will see the message below.

To keep everything as safe as possible, we recommend sending the access code for the files via a separate medium. This can be done, for example, via SMS or via the Zaurus messenger.

If you would rather have the access code in the same email as the link, click on 'Place in email.'

File upload progress

When you upload a file, a blue progress bar will appear below the file name. This will remain as long as the file is still being uploaded.

Press the cross to cancel the upload.

When the file is uploaded, the blue bar will disappear and the cross will change to a garbage can. With this trash can you can delete the file again


Do not send the email until all files have been uploaded. If you send this if it isn't already the case, the incomplete files will not be downloadable.

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