To set up an Out of Office, first log in to the desktop-app or into our web-messenger.

After that, head on over to your profile page:

Once there, use the tab 'absence messages' in order to start setting up your Out of Office

Use 'Always Send' for when you want to have a recurring Out of Office message. Use this for weekends, or for after the work day.

Set the moment when you are going to be absent at 'Start' and put the end of the of your absence at 'End' Are you going to be absent for the full day? Then fill in 12:00AM at Start and 11:59PM at End.

After that, select the days you want to apply this rule.

Use the option Period for when you are absent for a longer period of time.

Instead of using a start and end time, here we use a start date, and a date until when your absence will end.

Don't forget to enable your Out of Office when you are done!