Both the web-app as the desktop-app can run within a Citrix environment withough putting extra load on the server. We'll discuss how this can be done below.

The Web app

Our web-app is compatible with “browser content redirection” from Citrix. This means the video will be processed locally on the machine without needing the Citrix server

You can find more information about this here: Browser content redirection

The Desktop-app

To run our destop-app in a Citrix environment, you will need our .msi installer, and Citrix HDX.

You'll need the .msi-installer because this one installs the app in the 'program files-folder' instead of in the user profile which generally keeps getting cleaned up in Citrix. You can request the .msi installer by contacting our helpdesk.

For more information about Citrix HDX, we refer you to this article.