MDM (or Mobile Device Management) is a way to manage, secure and support smart devices like smartphones and tablets.

MDM is used to make sure users work via the right guidelines and rules of the organization en to make certain processes like authentication easier for the users.

MDM en Zaurus

An IT manager can choose to manage certain Zaurus-related aspects via MDM.

The following fields can currently be used in combination with Zaurus, bases on standard Appconfig formats:

Veldnaam (Key)TypeBeschrijving
usernameStringThe username, e-mail address of phone number of the user.
loginDomainStringThe login domain with which the user can login when he/she has a username: Domain\username.
ssoProviderStringThe provider for the SAML login.
disableScreenshotsBoolean(Only for Android) An added layer of security that disables screenshots and disables the app preview in the recent apps view. 

The first three fields make logging into the app easier for the user. This way, the MDM-manager can set up a Single Sign-On provider.

The username that will be entered via the MDM can use any available shape or form supported by Zaurus: E-mail address, telephone number, or username and logindomain.

With the ‘disableScreenshot’ option, you can disable the possibility of making screenshots in the app. This way, everything communicated in the app can not be shared easily with other apps.

Possible combinations

There are a few logical combinations that one can make with the above fields, depending on the wishes of the MDM manager.

To login with an e-mail address, username, or telephonenumber
 – disableScreenshots (optioneel – Android)

To login with a login domain ('domain\username')
– username
– loginDomain
 – disableScreenshots (optioneel – Android)

To log in with an SAML identity provider.
– username
– loginDomain
– ssoProvider
 – disableScreenshots (optioneel – Android)

See the screenshot below for what an MDM solution can look like

multi device management messenger