What are canned responses?

Canned responses are pre-filled answers. Consider, for example, address details, or an explanation of a certain action. Of course, having to type the same answer every time to a frequently asked question is not the most efficient use of your time. Therefore put your answer in a canned responses and you can easily put this text in the chat.

This function is currently only available on desktops and laptops.

There are two types of canned responses. Personal answers, and business answers.

Personal answers can only be seen by yourself, and company answers can be seen by everyone within the same organization. These company answers can only be created by company administrators.

How do I create a canned response?

There are three ways to create a canned response.

We will first show you how to create this via chat.

Open the default answer menu by putting a # in the chat.

Press new and the following menu will open.

In the first input field you enter the name under which you will use the canned response.

Consider, for example, #address for address details or #phone for the telephone number.

Enter the corresponding text in the large text field and press save.

The second way is to simply hover the mouse cursor over a previously sent answer, and then choose 'Create default answer.' The menu will reappear with the message text already filled in. All you have to do is enter a shortcut.

The third way is to go to your Profile options first and click on the 'canned response' tab.

Press the 'Add new canned response' button to display the menu above.

Company administrators follow the same steps for company responses with the exception that they go to the company settings and choose canned responses there.

I have created a canned response, but how do I use it in a conversation?

While typing a message, tap another # to open the canned response menu. If you know the shortcut by heart, you can just enter the shortcut, and it will be automatically replaced with the text to be entered.

If you don't know the shortcut by heart, you can choose it from the list above the text window.