To start, use this button to start adding an image to the whiteboard:

A file-explorer will be launched which you can use to select the desired image. Select it and press 'Open' to upload the image to the whiteboard.

To finalize the position of the image, drag it over to where you want it, and take note of the three buttons above the image:

Use the first two buttons to determine how the image should be placed on the whiteboard and use Cancel to stop adding the image to the whiteboard.

Use the 'Draw' button when you want to modify the drawing. You can draw on the image, or erase parts of it.

You can also add the image as a background. This way you can draw on the image but not erase any parts of it.

The whiteboard accepts images as long as they adhere to the below requirements:

  • The image is not larger than 5MB.
  • The file has the file type png, jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp or webp

Adding a PDF

It is also possible to add a page from a PDF document as an image.

Use the steps above, but instead of selecting an image, select the PDF document you wish to use. Once you click 'Open' you will prompted to choose which page of the document you want to open. Select the page, and press the Upload to whiteboard button.

After that, just add it like you would any other image.