As soon as you open the whiteboard, you'll see all these buttons:

We will explain each and everyone below.

Use this button to lock the taskbar so you can no longer click any button except for the save-button.

If you locked your taskbar and whish to unlock it again, press this button.

Use this button to save the whiteboard as an image. The image shall be added as a downloadable file to the consultation room.


Use this button to remove everything from the whiteboard. Because this cannot be undone, we added a second button under this button that needs to be pressed to confirm the action. 

Undo / Redo.

You can undo your last action with the 'Undo-button.' If you change your mind, you can press the redo button to undo the change but only if nothing else changed since then.

Use this button if you don't want to draw anything for a moment.

Ue this button to select a part of the whiteboard and drag the selected part to another area of the whiteboard, or to remove the selected part.

If you are moving a selection, please remember to press the 'Drop' button to drop the selection in place.

Use this button to draw freehand.

Use this button to draw a straight line.

Use this button to draw rectangles.

You can draw a circle with this button.

Press this button if you want to add text to the whiteboard. Use the slider to make the letters larger or smaller. The text area will be enlarged automatically to accomodate the text.

Use this button to erase parts of the whiteboard.

Use the slider to make the lines thicker, or to enlarge the text in a text field. Use the square to color them.

Use this button to add images to the whiteboard. We have explained this functionality in details here.

Use this button to hide the taskbar.