A whiteboard is a digital drawing board on which you can draw with multiple users simultaneously. All participants can draw on the same board at the same time. You can also upload images and pages of PDF files on which can be drawn as well.

Every consulation room in Zaurus which was created by someone with a paid Zaurus subscription has the option to open a whiteboard. This whiteboard is unique for that consultationroom. You can open it by pressing the button next to the Start Video Call button.

You can also use the whiteboard during a video call. When the call is in progress, you can find the button on the top right side of the screen.

When you press the button, a whiteboard will be opened, or the previous one will be loaded if there was still one being worked on. All drawings will remain on the whiteboard unless the whiteboard has been erased.

Click hereĀ for an explenation of all options available in the whiteboard.