Sometimes, someone can't connect to a video conversation due to time or device restraints. We now offer the opportunity for someone to dial in to the videoconversation via phone or conference set.

This option is dependent on your subscription so you might not always see them.

Table of contents

Web- or desktop app.

The details for dialing can only be viewed for consulting rooms. Once in the consulting room where you want to have some one dial in, click on 'more' at the top of the chat screen. After that, choose 'Guest access.'

You will now see the relevant information needed to have someone dial in. Just make sure to always send the consulting room code. Without this, the system will not know with which room to connect the person dialing in.


Once in the consulting room, click on thehamburge rmenu-icon. After that, press Guest access to bring up the dial in details.


In the Android-app, after opening the consulting room, press the three dots in the upper right corner, and choose 'Guest access.' You will now see the dial in details.


If you use the Outlook add-in to get people into your video calls, you can still access the dial-in details. Just move your mouse cursor over the video screen and the dial-in details will appear at the top of the screen.