To create a consultation room via the Outlook add-in, you need to make sure it is installed first. If you have not done so yet, please take a look at how to do it:Installing the add-in

Go to the calender of the account to which the add-in is added.

Choose 'New meeting'

There should be a 'Zaurus add-in-button' under the Meeting tab.

If you click this, a Zaurus login menu will appear on the right side of Outlook

The first time you open the add-in, you will be asked to log in with your Zaurus account.

After logging in, give the meeting a name. If you did this, you will be able to press the 'Create consultation room-button.'

You will see that the meeting description will automatically be updated with information for the other party to join the meeting. Feel free to adjust the text to your liking but we advise not adjusting the link itself.

Add participants as you would with any other meeting and send the invitation.

The meeting will be visible in your calander and anyone who has the link can use it to get into the consultation room.

You can reschedule the meeting at any time without it having any impact on the link or the consultation room.