Sometimes it is necessary to have a large number of participants in the same video call. The maximum number of participants are determined by your subscription. As you can imagine, having 40 participants in your call requires much more from our servers than just 4.

Please consult the table below to know how many participants can join with which subscription: 

Basis (testaccounts)Max number of  participants: 4
SolopraktijkMax number of  participants: 4
Praktijk - BasisMax number of  participants: 4
PraktijkMax number of  participants: 10
StandaardMax number of  participants: 10
GeavanceerdMax number of  participants: 15
ProMax number of  participants: 15

We do offer the possibility to buy bundles that expand the number of participants per video call. There are extra costs for this, depending on how many participants you need. We can offer up to 40 participants in total.

Please e-mail us at if you are interested in this.