How long is data stored within the communication platform? Afdrukken

Agreements about retention periods are recorded in the processor agreement that we conclude with you. For an exact answer, please consult your own processor agreement that you have concluded with us.

In a general sense, we deal with the retention periods as follows:

  • Zaurus does not store the Personal Data longer than is strictly necessary, including the legal retention periods.
  • Under no circumstances does Zaurus store personal data longer than until the end of the agreement. The controller decides whether and, if so, for how long data must be kept.
  • Upon termination of the agreement or at the written request of the controller, Zaurus will irrevocably destroy the personal data or have it returned to the controller, possibly at reasonable costs. At the request of the controller, Zaurus will provide proof that the data has been irrevocably destroyed or deleted. Any return of the data will take place electronically in a generally accepted, structured and documented data format.
  • If return, irrevocable destruction or removal is not possible, Zaurus will immediately inform the Processing Manager. In that case, Zaurus guarantees that it will treat the Personal Data confidentially and will no longer process it.
  • Zaurus users can add a lifetime to their messages. When the useful life comes to an end, the relevant information is deleted and cannot be recovered.

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