How does Zaurus deal with data breaches? Afdrukken

A data breach involves access to or destruction, modification or release of personal data at Zaurus without our intention or without this being legally permitted.

If you are dealing with a data breach from Zaurus or if you suspect that there is a data breach, please contact the DPO as soon as possible by filling in a security incident form. This will be reviewed and investigated as soon as possible. We will of course keep in touch with you frequently during this process to explain the current situation.

Report a data breach via the Zaurus form here:

If after investigation it appears that there is actually a data breach, Zaurus will follow the procedure of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. It is examined whether the incident should be reported to those involved and should be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Of course, Zaurus makes every effort to close the data breach as soon as possible by implementing solutions and limiting damage.

For more information, please contact the DPO of Zaurus via

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